OnBoard Release v3.10.55– September 22, 2022

Eric Biddle
Eric Biddle
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On September 22, 2022, we released an update to OnBoard that added maintenance and security updates to the platform, as well as some changes.


The following enhancements and updates were deployed with this release: 


  • Administrators will now be shown the number of characters remaining of the 255 character limit as they create a response option to a survey question.

Meeting Minutes

  • Custom Messages for Meeting Minutes Notifications will temporarily have support for line breaks removed to keep users from seeing HTML code in their email notifications.


The following fixes were deployed with this release: 


  • Signed eSignatures documents should no longer show incorrect signature orientation or missing signatures.
  • Exporting results to Excel for Questionnaires and Assessments will no longer result in an error.
  • Respondents will now be able to view their submission and download their results when the questionnaire has been closed by the administrator.


  • When the 'Create New Task' option is used, a user will no longer be able to continue clicking while the task details are loading, preventing unintended duplicate tasks.

Organization Settings

  • The org-level public posting URL is now able to be copied successfully.

Meeting Minutes

  • Resolved issue where users with reader permission of a meeting visited the meeting minutes and received a permission denied error when moving to another area of the product.


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