OnBoard Release v3.10.18 - March 10, 2022

Eric Biddle
Eric Biddle
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On March 10, 2022, we released an update to OnBoard that added a few changes as well as maintenance and security updates to the platform.




  • The Submit button in Assessments should now be reactive and switch between grey (all questions not complete) and green (all questions complete).
  • Email notifications for Open Assessments should now have more accurate wording.

Board Book and Resource Viewer Updates

  • You can now toggle between “Annotate” and “View” by clicking on the buttons at the top. “Annotate” brings up a navigation bar with annotation-specific options.
  • Click the sidebar icon (on the top left) to bring up a left side panel to view your agenda pages. To collapse this, click the button again.
  • Click the Comments button (on the top right next to the gear icon) to bring up the annotations in a side panel on the right. Collapse this down by clicking on the Comments button again.
  • Full screen mode can now be found by clicking on the top right corner icon.



The following fixes were deployed with this release: 

Advanced Search

  • The Download option should now be properly hidden when Document Downloads are disabled.
  • Search Results should now be properly filtered based on the Date Range dates selected.
  • The Approvals date displayed on search results should now be the Approval Close Date.


  • Annotations should now show the options menu when the details menu is collapsed.
  • The Comment button should now be hidden if a user is not the author of the selected Annotation.


  • Assessments - Changing between Category Names while composing Assessments should now properly change the default Category title.
  • Group permissions should now display properly from the dropdown in the Permissions flyout for Assessments.

Board Book

  • The “Prev/Next” buttons should no longer disappear when a user selects "Full Screen" view.

Chrome Browser

  • The Edit Section button’s font and all other fonts should now be in parity with other browsers.


  • Pressing the "Resend Invitation" button should now properly resend an invite via email to users who have rejected a previous invitation.
  • Groups – Administrators should no longer get stuck when removing themselves from a Group while also adding permissions for another Admin.


  • Fillable PDFs should now display correctly when opened from the Agenda.
  • Editing Agenda Section Permissions up and down should no longer cause an API Error message.


  • The Questionnaire questions counter should now more accurately display how many questions are left to answer.


  • Removing a Resource parent folder permission should properly update the child folder permissions.
  • Disabling Shared Annotations at the Org level should now disable them for the newly added Resource Annotation sharing.


  • In Firefox, opening Excel results for a Survey should no longer give a confusing error screen prior to opening. It should open just like Excel documents everywhere else in OnBoard.

User Profile

  • User Profile - Users should now be able to see other users' Social Media links on Profile pages.

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