OnBoard Release v3.10.10 - February 3, 2022

Eric Biddle
Eric Biddle
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On February 3, 2022, we released an update to OnBoard that added maintenance and security updates to the platform, as well as some changes and enhancements.


The following changes were deployed with this release: 

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Two-Factor Authentication codes should no longer contain the characters “O” or “0” to avoid confusion.


The following fixes were deployed with this release: 


  • Organization Members who are marked as an Admin on an Action should no longer have the option to “Duplicate” the Action, since they do not have permissions as a non-Organization Admin or Creator.
  • The Actions list should now display properly when a user has no Actions listed.


  • Dropdown menus used while creating a Category should display properly now.
  • The “View Results” button should display properly after a user changes Admin or Respondent permissions after submitting results to an Assessment.

Board Book

  • Table of Contents – Very large Organization Logos should no longer cause display issues with the Table of Contents logo thumbnail.


  • Long names in the Progress View should now be properly truncated.

Global Administrator

  • Encountering a “Not Found” page and clicking “Go Back” should no longer return a Global Administrator to the Dashboard page.
  • Non-Global Administrator users should no longer be able to access a read-only URL for Global Admins.

Meeting Minutes

  • It should no longer be possible to indent too far and encounter an issue in Meeting Minutes.


  • Double-clicking on the “Save” button during the question creation process should no longer cause errors and duplicate questions to be created.
  • Non-Global Administrator users should no longer be able to access a read-only URL for Global Admins.
  • Table Questions should no longer remain a required question when changing from a different Question type set to required to a Table.


  • Clicking on “Resources” in the left navigation while in a Resources sub-folder should now properly return the user to the root of Resources.


  • Text should now properly display in the Delete confirmation prompt.




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