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You can use Search to find users, meetings, agenda sections, approvals, messages, and any items that are uploaded to the Resources or Agenda sections (supported file types include PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). You'll be able to find what you are looking for much faster and easier!

Important Note: Search will only return results of users, documents, meetings, agenda items, approvals, and messages that you have permission to view. For example: if an Administrator created a meeting but did not give your user permissions to the meeting, it will not display in Search.

Using Advanced Search

Accessing Advanced Search is as simple as clicking Search in the left navigation!


Once opened, Search will present a new screen giving you the option to begin a search right away.

Just start typing your desired keyword into the Search box and OnBoard will present you with any relevant matches.


Below the Search Box are the Results Filters. By default a search will show on the All display so no search results are missed. Each of these Results Filters will show how many results were returned of an item of that type. For example, while in this search we received 5 results under "All", we had 2 Documents, 1 Meeting, 2 Agenda sections.


Clicking Documents, Users, Meetings, Agendas Approvals, or Messages will show the results that are only the OnBoard items of that type.


The Date Range will allow you to restrict your results to your preferred date range. For example, searching for an item that was just created on the day of December 03 2021:


Clearing the search bar will return you to the default search.


This screen will also show your last 10 Recent Searches so you can easily click to repeat a search.


You can also click Clear Recent Searches, or click the X next to each search you'd like to clear from your history.



Now we'll break down the information displayed for each OnBoard item that Search will return for your queries.

Document Results

Search can be used to find Documents that are uploaded to Resources or Agenda sections and will search by term in the Document's name in OnBoard, as well as finding the exact match of a term within the document contents.  When searching for documents, you'll be presented with this view, showing the breadcrumbs path to the folder structure from Resources where the document resides or the Agenda section and Meeting the document may be part of, the name of the document, a Preview button, and a 3 dotted option button on the far right side.


Important Note: Document search differs from the other search types in that the keyword being searched must exactly match the word in the document itself. For example, if you were to search a document containing the word "Audits" but you search "Audit" the results from within the document may not appear.


Clicking Preview mceclip7.png will open up a preview of the document in the Search Panel. 



The document can be opened directly from Resources by clicking Open Document in the top right corner. If a document is an Agenda document in a Meeting, you'll instead be brought to the Agenda document previewer.


Clicking Back at the top left corner will return you to your search results.


Back on the main Search Results screen, clicking on the 3 dotted option icon for a Document result will present the options to Copy Link to Document and Download Document.


Copy Link to Document will add the URL of the document to your device's clipboard to allow the link to be pasted in an email, document, or message.

Download Document will allow you to download the document if your Organization allows document downloads.



User Results

If a user's name or title is related to your search you will also receive User results, allowing you quick access to a relevant user's profile. 



Clicking on a user's information in the results will take you to the user's profile.


Clicking on the Groups indicator will allow you to view the groups in the organization the user is a member of.


Clicking the 3 dotted option key to the far right side of the user's results will allow you to copy the user's email address.




Meeting Results

Meeting results will appear if a Meeting you have permissions on has a title that matches your search terms.


If you click on a meeting in the results, you'll open that meeting.


Next to the meeting will be the meeting status. This will show the following status for the meeting:

Upcoming, Starting Soon, Past, and Archived.


The meeting's Start Date will be listed to the far right side.


To the right of the Start Date is the Meeting Documents counter, which can be clicked to list the filenames of the documents in the meeting you have permission to view.


Further right is the Meeting Invitees display, which when clicked will list the users invited to the meeting.



On the farthest right side of the Meeting results is the 3 dotted menu button which will allow a user to copy the link of the meeting for easy sharing to users with permissions to the meeting.


Agenda Results

Similar to Meetings, Agenda sections can also be found as search results, with similar items available in the results.



When you search for Agenda sections, You'll see the meeting the Agenda section is a part of above the name of the section.



To the right of the section name will be the status of the Meeting (in relation to the meeting time) that the Agenda section is a part of. The status here will show as Upcoming, Starting Soon, Past, and Archived.


Further to the right will be the Meeting Start Date of the meeting the Agenda section is a part of. 


To the right of the Start Date, you'll find the list of documents that is a part of that Agenda section, if you have permission to view these.


On the farthest right side is the 3 dotted menu button which will allow you to copy the link to the meeting. 


Approval Results

Any Approvals you have permissions to view can also be searched by title or description. If any appear in the search results, you'll be able to see the current status of the Approval and also click the item to open the Approval.


The status indicator to the right side of the Approval's title will show whether the Approval is currently Open, Closed, Finalized, or in Draft mode.


The Approval's Close Date can be referenced further right from the status indicator. The Approvals can also be filtered by the Close Date.


Next is the Approval Voters display, which will show the icons of the Approval's Voters, and when clicked will list their names.


The 3 dotted menu button follows at the farthest right, allowing users to copy a link to the Approval to share with other voters.



Message Results

You can search any message threads you are a part of with the Message search, as well! Messages will appear as search results if the content of a message matches closely enough with your search term.


The Message Sent Date will be shown to the right side of the matching message content.


To the far right side are the Message Participants. Clicking this indicator will list the users participating in your Message's thread. 




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