OnBoard Release v3.5.1 (Mobile v2.24.1) - September 16, 2021

Alex Tavares
Alex Tavares
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On September 16, 2021, we released an update to OnBoard that added several maintenance and security updates.



The following fixes were deployed with this release:

  • Agenda:

    • Key up/down/enter select behavior should now work for both Presenters and Guests.

  • Book Builder:

    • Organization images with a wide display should no longer cause display issues with the Table of Contents.

  • Directory:

    • Bulk Actions checkboxes should now remain checked until after the selected action is complete.

    • Creator permission should now display correctly in the Bulk Invite screen. 

  • D&O Questionnaires:

    • Updates to the due date should now appropriately trigger the unsaved changes flag.

  • Groups:

    • Roles should now be sorted correctly in the Groups view

  • Meetings:

    • The Duration Time Allocation warning should now display correctly when the total duration is equal to the meeting time.

    • Creating a new approval from the linking action agenda flyout should now display correctly. 

  • Meeting Minutes:

    • The Start Minutes Spinner should now disappear when appropriate.

  • Tasks:

    • Users should now be able to update the task status from the list menu appropriately. 


Mobile Fixes:
The following mobile fixes were deployed with this release:

  • Approvals:

    • Commenters should now see the correct help text when comments are disabled for an Approval (iOS).

  • Tasks:

    • Changes should now be saved correctly when a user renames and reorders Task Documents simultaneously.

    • Original file names should now display correctly when the original file is downloaded.
    • The toolbar should now hide when editing descriptions as expected (iOS).
    • The Rich Text Editor font size should now match general design (iOS).
    • Description fields with more than one set of lists should now display correctly (Android).
    • Task document downloads should no longer perform inconsistently (Android).
    • The keyboard should no longer close itself when editing the description of a Task with no current description (Android).

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