OnBoard Release v3.5.0 (Mobile v2.24) - September 10, 2021

Alex Tavares
Alex Tavares
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On September 10, 2021, we released an update to OnBoard that added several new features and improvements to the platform, as well as maintenance and security updates.



  • Approvals - General Improvements & New Permission Role:

    • Users now have more control over notifications, and admins have more options when sending reminders to voters. There is also a new permission type, "Commenter" which allows users to view and participate in discussions but restricts them from voting. The "Commenter" permission helps in the use case in which loan officers need to participate in the approval discussion but are unable to vote.


  • D&O Questionnaires - Notifications Improvements:

    • Admins of questionnaires now have more options when reminding respondents who have not yet completed the questionnaire. Admins can also notify newly added respondents to open questionnaires. Admins can also notify respondents when a questionnaire closes. 

  • D&O Questionnaires - Ability to Export Results via Excel:

    •  With this release, questionnaire admins will also have the ability to export questionnaire results via Excel.

  • eSignatures - Notifications Improvements:

    • New notifications option on open and close as well as the ability to add custom messages. 


  • Survey - Notifications Improvements:

    • Customers will have the ability to notify or remind users about a survey they haven't taken. 

  • Try Before You Buy:

    • Org Admins can start a trial for Collaboration, Governance, Productivity, and all the add-on features individually (besides public posting) with the click of a button. 

  • eSignatures - Notifications Improvements:

    • New notifications option on open and close as well as the ability to add custom messages. 

  • Smaller Items:

    • Add Custom Message on CSV user invites.

    • Public Posting URL Location Change.

    • Update to copy on Account Locked.


Mobile Improvements:

  • Approvals - Commenter Support:

    • Commenters on approvals will be able to engage in conversation right from their phone or tablet.

  • Tasks - Documents & Rich Text Editor (RTE) Descriptions:

    • Customers will now be able to manage task documents and edit the Rich Text of task descriptions right from their mobile devices.

  • Zoom - Gallery View (iOS only):

    • Mobile users of our Zoom integration will now have the ability to view meeting attendees in a dynamic gallery view in iOS.

The following fixes were deployed with this release:

  • D&O Questionnaires:

    • Duplicated questionnaires should now appear immediately.

  • Meetings:

    • Editing Unnumbered Section Time should leave the section unnumbered as expected.

  • Meeting Minutes:

    • Task Description in Minutes Block should now post the to Description in the Task Details block.

    • A '+' icon to add more blocks should now show when a user deletes all blocks.

    • There should no longer be any issues when creating a Task from Minutes with an empty. description. 

  • Roles & Terms:

    • Should no longer display an API error when editing a role with an empty Term Number.

Mobile Fixes:
The following mobile fixes were deployed with this release:

  • Agenda:

    • Supplementary files should now appear in Agenda even if there is no Book generated yet.

  • Meeting Minutes:

    • The application should no longer display functionality issues when opening Meeting Minutes with Agenda Sections.


  • Tasks:

    • Return key should now create a new task in Quick-Add view instead of creating a new line.

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