OnBoard Release v3.3.14 - July 16, 2021

Alex Tavares
Alex Tavares
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On July 16, 2021, we released an update to OnBoard that added several improvements to the platform, as well as maintenance and security updates.


The following fixes were deployed with this release: 


  • eSignatures - Notifications should no longer be sent out if the “Auto Open” date passes with no signature blocks placed in the eSignature document.
  • Long Group names should now be properly truncated within Actions.

Book Viewer:

  • Table of Contents - Document titles should now be indented properly on the Table of Contents.
  • Annotations - Select and Share Annotations should be disabled when there are no Annotations to Share.


  • Long Meeting names should now be properly truncated with ellipses.
  • Past Meetings should now display in Calendar without needing to toggle the “Past Meetings” filter off and on, then refreshing page.


  • Users accessing OnBoard through Microsoft Edge should no longer see an additional scroll bar on the Meeting Details page.
  • Individual Document downloads should now be properly restricted when downloads are disabled.
  • Long Group names should now be properly truncated on the Invite Members Tab.
  • Agenda - Long Approval names should now be properly truncated in Agenda sections.
  • Agenda - Removing an Action item linked to a section should now remove the "View" action from the page without needing to refresh.
  • Meeting Minutes - Meeting Administrators should no longer get a “Permission Denied” error when trying to create minutes.
  • Meeting Minutes – Users should no longer get “Permission Denied” errors if they are added to a meeting as an individual Reader rather than as part of at least one Group.


  • Users should no longer receive an API error when selecting a navigation item before Organization has fully loaded.


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