OnBoard Cumulative Release v3.3.12 - July 9, 2021

Alex Tavares
Alex Tavares
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On the week of July 9, 2021, we released several updates to OnBoard that added improvements to the platform, as well as maintenance and security updates.


  • Meeting Details - Remote Details should now respect line-breaks in formatting.
  • Compose Agenda - Compose Agenda screen should now be more responsive.



The following fixes were deployed with this release: 


  • Approvals - Approval Voting Dates should no longer show incorrect dates in Downloaded Report while on Australian Eastern Daylight Time. 


  • Subsection views should now roll up to top-level views in the chart and summary table.

Book Viewer:

  • Annotations - Share Annotations user selection should now visible in full-screen Book view mode.
  • Table of Contents -  Long Meeting titles should no longer overlap the Organization logo in the Table of Contents.


  • Group icon colors should now properly match the Meeting Cards in the Calendar. 
  • Scrolling in Calendar while it is loading should no longer jump. 
  • Scrolling the meeting list when there are no meetings should no longer cause a console error.
  • Tasks should no longer cause conflicts with Calendar and Meeting loading.


  • User export should no longer fail if the 'Bio' field contains a quote.
  • Group Name should no longer briefly display as "New Group-3" after a user creates a new group.

Engagement Reports:

  • Third-party login types should now display properly in logs when a user logs in using OneLogin.


  • Global Administrators logging in should no longer get stuck on the "Loading OnBoard Data" screen.


  • Users should no longer receive an API error when changing a user's permissions to Admin and then to another permission.

Organization Settings:

  • Meeting Brief Email settings should no longer depend on the Minutes Feature being enabled for an Organization.

Roles & Terms:

  • Setting Roles & Terms for a user who shows as "Invite Pending" in the Directory should no longer cause an API error.


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