OnBoard Release v3.2.0.0 - April 18, 2021

Alex Tavares
Alex Tavares
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On April 18, 2021, we released an update to Onboard to reflect our new brand.

We're really excited to roll out our new branding, including a new logo, color palette, and domain.  OnBoard will be the same platform you know and love --- we just have new brand colors! There are no impacts to functionality in this release.  


  • New branding (colors, fonts, etc.) in the user interface

  • OnBoard now hosted on the domain app.onboardmeetings.com


The following fixes were deployed with this release: 


  • The more options icon (three dots icon) should now display the correct color when active.

Book Navigation:

  • The Agenda side menu should no longer experience display issues when condensed.


  • Rapidly resizing the dashboard should no longer cause a display issue.


  • Tooltip should now display when data is being truncated within the Dashboard.

Global Administrator:

  • Login Reports should now properly display Mobile Logins.
  • Login Reports should now properly display the group names rather than 'Private Group'.

Login Experience:

  • Users should no longer be able to access a disabled Organization.


  • Deleting an agenda section and subsections should now display the correct confirmation message.
  • Disabling downloads at a meeting level alongside disabling downloads at the organization level should no longer cause issues with download management for users with exceptions.
  • Meeting Names and Locations should now properly be limited to 255 characters and no longer display error messages when there are more than 255 characters.
  • The 'New' badge next to the 'Download Document' button should now function properly.
  • Details block should now display an Actions Badge indicator when there is at least one action within the meeting.


  • Users removed from the relevant messenger groups should no longer receive notifications from future messages.


  • Admin-only notes should no longer display additional space on the left edge.
  • Send for Review should now include excluded members of a Permissioned Group as an option.

Profile Settings:

  • Two Factor Authentication should now remain enabled in certain scenarios.

Public Posting:

  • Documents with a hashtag (#) in their names should no longer generate an error on Publish/View.


  • The number of tasks displayed should no longer change when the sorting option is changed.


  • Deleted questionnaires should no longer display on the List view post deletion.
  • Questionnaires with no response sets should no longer cause an error.


  • Sample documents are no longer available to add to Agenda or Actions.
  • Content Alignment should now center correctly.

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