OnBoard Release - February 23, 2021

Alex Tavares
Alex Tavares
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On February 23, 2021 Passageways released an update to OnBoard that added several improvements to the platform, as well as maintenance and security updates.


The following improvements were deployed with this release: 

  • Meeting Brief Email Notifications:

    • Add a new organization setting that allows these emails to be disabled org-wide.

  • Agenda:

    • Added a Download and Open in Book buttons to Agenda Documents.

  • Meeting Minutes Builder:

    • Changes to right-click functionality were made to improve Spell Check and Correction.

The following fixes were deployed with this release: 


  • General:
    • Documents with a period in the name should no longer cause complications.
    • Unsaved changes dialog will no longer show when canceling without making changes
  • Approvals:
    • Approval Results should no longer open a new tab prior to downloading.
    • Users should be able to select names with keyboard controls for the Motion and Second fields.
    • Total Row added on Graphical Results display.
    • Approval Results should no longer display inaccurate results if a user votes multiple times.
    • Documents should now always be in alphabetical order.
  • Surveys:
    • The "Write in" option should no longer be visible when disabled in the Linkert Scale question types.
    • Essay/Long Answer values should now display in the "View Results" section.
    • Should no longer be possible to submit Surveys with required fields unchecked by selecting and deselecting the checkbox.
    • Should now retain any line break formatting options.


  • The "Share" button should now be labeled as "Select and Share" when sharing annotations. 


  • Meetings from a member's secondary organizations should no longer be visible in their active organization.


  • Existing users should now receive an email invite when imported into the organization.
  • The export template should now be compatible with the user import template.
  • The 'Actions' table header should no longer be visible in the Members list screen.
  • Group title should now correctly verify input limits.
  • Scrolling through the directory user list should now be more responsive.
  • Organization Administrators should now be able to delete users with a status of Invite Pending or Expired.
  • Group descriptions should no longer have a character limit of 255.
  • Existing users should now be skipped when inviting or importing users into an organization.


  • Invitees Tab in the Book View should now be alphabetized by their last name.
  • Members Attendance Flyout should now be alphabetized, and RSVP'd users should now be displayed at the top.
  • Section numbers should no longer display incorrectly when editing subsection details.
  • Documents with long names should now display correctly.
  • The download button should no longer be visible for Meeting Readers/Contributors if the disable downloads setting is enabled for the meeting.
  • When downloads are disabled at the organization level, the 'Disable book and document downloads' checkbox should no longer be visible in the meeting settings.

Minutes Builder:

  • Space at the end of the user's last name should no longer cause incorrect sorting.
  • Tasks due date and assignee should now auto-populate in the task flyout.


  • The View Results button in notification emails should now be functional.

Organization Settings:

  • Upload Photo should now display an accepted file type list.
  • Phone and Fax Number fields should now be able to be clicked on and copied to the clipboard. 

User Profile:

  • Delegate Admin Permissions should now function properly.
  • Admin Delegation filter search should now recognize capital letters.

Zoom Integration:

  • Users should no longer receive an error when generating a new Zoom meeting.
  • Scheduled Zoom Meetings should now display the correct duration.

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