OnBoard Release - February 4, 2021

Alex Tavares
Alex Tavares
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On February 4, 2021 Passageways released an update to OnBoard that added several improvements to the platform, as well as maintenance and security updates.



  • Increased clarity for Empty State Experience:

    • Now users will have clear indications when there is no content for them to review in all areas of OnBoard. Additionally, administrators and others who can create content can easily do so from these empty states with the click of a button.

  • Improved Plan Details Page:

    • The Plan Details Page has a cleaner and more modern design that also provides additional information regarding those suites and features that your organization has access to as well as those that are available as potential upgrades. 

  • New Book Page Progression Buttons:

    • The Book View now has Next and Previous buttons that allow easy page by page navigation through the board materials making in-meeting presentations easier than ever before. 

  • Bulk Move and Delete of Resources:

    • Resources in OnBoard can now be moved or deleted in bulk. 

  • New Ability to Add Documents from Resources to Actions:

    • When adding supporting documents to an action (Approval, Survey, or eSignature) administrators can now select documents from the OnBoard Resources. 

  • Improved Password Reset Workflow:

    • Administrators will now have a clearer workflow for sending users temporary passwords during the password reset process. 


The following fixes were deployed with this release: 


  • Approvals:
    • Discussions should now properly handle long or multiline comments. 
    • Discussion Flyout should no longer be missing a reference to Approval state changes. 
    • Approval status should now display correctly as closed when closed.
  • eSignatures:
    • Generated eSignatures should no longer have an overlapping timestamp on the PDF.
    • User should no longer receive an error when selecting a Resource Folder to export eSignatures to when they do not have access to any resource folders.
  • Surveys  
    • Updates to Survey Compose text for no questions added state. 
    • The option to add a response should no longer be available once a user has reached the maximum allowed responses of 11 in their survey.


  • Questionnaire links should now properly work within Announcements. 
  • Action item hyperlinks should now properly work within Announcements. 
  • Board Book should now properly work within Announcements. 


  • Resources configure view should now properly display the 'Add Folder' option. 
  • When there is an existing OnBoard Organization photo, the verbiage should update from  Upload Photo to Remove photo. 
  • Design update to the Feature Settings within the Organization Info.
  • Line breaks should now function as intended within the Welcome Panel. 


  • Agenda Sections should now display the correct formatting within all levels of the agenda.
  • Organization members who also have the Contributor within a meeting should no longer have the option to create actions.


  • Users should no longer receive the 'Unsaved Changes' when the changes have been successfully saved. 
  • Conversation details should no longer be visible until the first message is sent within messenger. 

Minutes Builder:

  • Corrected an issue where the downloading indicator was not displaying when Meeting Minutes were downloaded from Meeting Downloads.
  • Hyperlinks within Meeting Minutes should now open a new tab instead of loading the link in the current tab. 
  • Users should now be able to select AutoFill for Assignees within Safari. 
  • Meeting Minutes will now only display within the calendar if Minutes have been started. 
  • Bullet points should now display properly even without text being entered. 
  • Meeting Minutes will no longer be downloadable if downloads have been disabled in the Organization settings.
  • The option to Start Meeting Minutes should no longer be visible while existing minutes are loading.
  • Organization profile images should no longer be cropped into squares when meeting minutes are downloaded.
  • Meeting Minutes sibling blocks should now move down properly. 
  • Deleted Meeting MInutes blocks should now remain deleted after a refresh.
  • Send for Review custom message should no longer contain a double line break.
  • Block options should now display correctly within Compact view. 
  • Send for Review should no longer include Group Admins who are not the Admins within the current meeting under the list of users for minutes review.


  • Custom Message within Meetings Visibility should no display correctly in meeting visibility notification emails.
  • Meeting Brief email should no longer be sent if the Meeting is set to unpublished. 
  • Meeting preparedness block should now show the accurate percentage of content read within reminder emails. 


  • Back button has been renamed to 'Back to Resources' to increase clarity.
  • The hover state icon above the file viewer on the File View page has been removed.
  • Design updates decreasing the size of the blue action dot item.
  • Singular resource items should now display as 1 item instead of 1 items.
  • Option to move and/or delete actions in bulk has been added. 
  • Create eSignature option should no longer be visible if the Organization does not have access to the feature.
  • PDF icons should now display in all capital letters.  

User Profile:

  • Back button should now be visible within the current user's profile. 

Organization Selection Screen:

  • 'Accept Invite' should now only be clickable once. 

Zoom Integration:

  • Starting meetings with waiting rooms enabled should no longer cause an error. 

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