OnBoard Release 2.16 - May 21, 2020

Ryan Strong
Ryan Strong
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On May 21, 2020, Passageways released an update to OnBoard that added new features, as well as maintenance and security updates.


Major Updates: Book Build Schedule Experience & Task Management Tool

New Features:

  • Tasks Management Tool - Tasks management features have been added to OnBoard.
  • Task Notifications - Notifications have been added for new tasks and a daily digest of tasks requiring attention.
  • Book Build Schedule Experience - The book building experience has been overhauled to offer a more in-depth and positive experience. 
  • Meeting Brief Emails (In Beta) - Meeting summary emails for enhanced meeting preparation.


  • Update system generated email template address - Updates Passageways HQ address in email communications.
  • Design update to login page - General updates to the look and feel of the authentication page.
  • Interaction/click experience for the agenda view has been improved.
  • Book view experience improvements:
    • Agenda collapse bar in Book viewer has been enhanced.
    • Board Book view has been changed to prioritize width in the zoom settings.
    • Click experience of the agenda in Book view has been improved. 


  • Admins will now receive eSignature completion emails after all signatures are completed.
  • Actions no longer viewable while in draft state.
  • Contributors will now receive build completion emails.
  • Meeting contributors will no longer see duplicate Book buttons.
  • Saving indicator displayed after agenda changes successfully saved.
  • "Join Zoom Meeting" button no longer displayed on book view when no Zoom Meeting was configured.
  • Resources are no longer downloadable from the Dashboard if downloads are disabled.
  • Zoom Integration - Meeting start time now carries over into Zoom profile.


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