OnBoard Release 2.14 - March 11, 2020

Aaron Jozwiak
Aaron Jozwiak
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On March 11, 2020, Passageways released an update to OnBoard that added new features, as well as maintenance and security updates.



  • New Annotation Types
    • Users are now able to make annotations using Underlining and Free Form Text
  • Engagement Analytics for Mobile Devices (iOS & Android)
    • Users are now able to view Meeting Engagement analytics on Mobile devices
  • Attach Documents to Surveys
    • Admins now have the ability to attach a document as part of a Survey, to allow for in-line reference and feedback on materials.
    • This ability allows for Documents to be attached to the Survey and/or the questions in the Survey



  • Improved attendee profile and group visibility
    • When clicking on a user's avatar, it directly opens that user's profile
    • When clicking on a group, it opens the group's details
  • User Profile & Modal redesign
    • A User's Profile is now broken up to distinct views
  • Action creation in meeting - Edit action name
    • Admins can now edit Action names that were create through a Meeting
  • Public Posting - Last Published Timestamp & Agenda Only Share
    • Admins & Constituents can easily see the last published date & time or Meeting Minutes
    • Admins can now share just the Agenda with one click, deselecting aall documents from being publicly shared
  • Updated Document Loading experience applied to all OnBoard Documents
    • Users will now see a progress bar when loading documents
    • Once loaded, Users can navigate inside OnBoard without having to fully reload the board book
  • Add book downloads to book view count in Analytics
    • Admins and Users have more holistic view of how many users have downloaded the board book outside of OnBoard
  • Added Tentative option for RSVP 
    • iOS & Android apps now have the Tentative state for RSVP
    • Web, iOS, and Android now behave the same when a User RSVP's to a meeting



  • Survey Admins can now create choices with greater than 50 characters
  • Downloaded Survey Results now retains the same formatting in the Description
  • Users will no longer experience messages saying the Board Book is unsecure
  • Birth Dates will now Export and Import correctly
  • Notification Bubbles will now disappear on iOS devices
  • e-Signature Admins will now be able to rename documents attached to e-Signature actions
  • Fixed an issue with the Table of Contents and Excluded users, where Excluded users would get an error message saying "Network Error"
  • Meeting Admins will no longer be able to attach an Action to an Agenda section, when an Action has already been attached
  • Fixed IE11 specific display issue with the Back to Sections button

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