OnBoard Release 2.13 - January 29, 2020

Aaron Jozwiak
Aaron Jozwiak
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On January 29, 2020, Passageways released an update to OnBoard that added new features, as well as maintenance and security updates.





  • Notifications and Invited Users
    • OnBoard will no longer send notifications out to Organization members who have been created in the Directory, but have not yet been invited into the Organization.
  • Email Notifications for Shared Annotations
    • OnBoard now supports email notifications when an Annotation is shared among board members
    • iOS and Android Users will be taken to the Annotations shared with them, in the OnBoard App
      • This does require the OnBoard App to be installed on the device
  • Low-Resolution Navigation
    • OnBoard Web Users will now have an improved experience navigating the OnBoard Navigation menu.  
      • There is now a scroll bar that will be visible 
      • The User's Name & Image will be a button that contains:
        • Profile & Settings
        • Status Log
        • Sign Out
  • Agenda Download Available for Contributors & Readers
    • An often requested feature, OnBoard now supports the ability for Contributors & Readers in a meeting to download Agendas
  • Date Format change in Email Notification
    • As OnBoard is used more and more Globally, Passageways has changed the date format in emails 
    • Dates will now display as Alphabetical Month, Numerical Date, Numerical Year (i.e. January 29, 2020)
  • Visibility of Meeting Participants & Guests
    • Agenda Sections will now have a space for Guests of the meeting
    • Allows Organizations to bring in Guests in for specific sections without granting them full Meeting permissions
    • AGB SSO was introduced in December 2019
    • This release completes the incorporation of the AGB SSO with OnBoard
  • Contextual Annotations Menu Support for iOS
    • Annotations in OnBoard now take advantage of the Contextual Menus feature introduced by Apple in iOS 13
  • Annotations in Resources for Android users
    • Android users now have the same experience as Web and iOS users to make Annotations in Resource Documents
  • Universal Links for Android Users
    • Android users will now have the OnBoard App open up when clicking on links in emails
      • The OnBoard app must be installed for this to work



Maintenance & Security Fixes

  • Updated Actions to be more visually Appealing
  • Compact Layout for Android compact devices
  • Action tabs are centered evenly for Android compact devices
  • Next/Previous button no longer hidden from Users with only one Signature block on eSignatures
  • Users removed from Organizations will no longer cause blank lines in Exceptions menus
  • Android - Resource search will now search Folder names
  • Users will no longer receive Push Notifications from an Organization they have been removed from
  • Agenda Section Time will no longer show as Duration when downloading the Agenda
  • Organizations can upload Resource Files to Meetings again
  • Fixed an issue in iOS where Survey Write in answers were not posting correctly
  • iOS users will be able to use the Bright Yellow color for Hi-light Annotations, after switching colors
  • Messenger threads will now display in Web Application, when User Name is not Defined


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