OnBoard Release 2.12 - December 10th, 2019

Aaron Jozwiak
Aaron Jozwiak
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On December 10, 2019, Passageways released an update to OnBoard that added new features, as well as maintenance and security updates.


  • Enhanced Book Loading Experience (WEB)
    • Customers viewing board books using the OnBoard website application will now have the status bar showing the process and progress of opening their board books
      • This includes Progress Bar, Status Messages, In-Memory Caching for better Book Navigation experiences
  • Member Group Affiliations (ALL APPS)
    • OnBoard Users will now be able to view Affiliated Groups when viewing another User's profile in their organization
      • This will not show membership to any outside organization a User may be part of
    • User's that belong to different group(s) will have a message stating this
  • Email Notifications from Comments in Approvals (ALL APPS)
    • Users will now receive an email when new comments are made in an Approval they are a part of
      • These emails will be sent immediately, not part of our batched notifications system

Security Features:

  • Remote Wipe for Mobile Apps (ALL APPS)
    • Admins will now posses the ability to wipe all data from any mobile device for a specific user
      • This does not remove the application
      • This will force Users to have to log in to their mobile apps the next time they use OnBoard
      • This is triggered automatically upon deactivation or removal of a user from an organization
      • This can be triggered manually upon request, and only Admins may do so
    • The Remote Wipe will occur the next time any of the Mobile Devices connect to the internet
  • AGB Single Sign On (SSO)
    • AGB users can use their AGB community account to log in to OnBoard

Maintenance & Security Fixes

  • Back button in Android App will remain on Screen
  • Whites space at the front & end of Approval Comments has been trimmed
  • Fixed an issue with Hyperlink detection
  • Message threads in Messenger now correctly auto-scroll to the bottom (on the Web App)
  • When messaging Meeting Attendees using a compact Android, the keyboard will no longer render the Back Button and Conversation details inaccessible
  • Rearranging Documents in the Agenda will no longer cause the "Drop Documents" translucent box
  • Fixed an issue with Agenda Name format, that made it appear that the name disappeared
  • Fixed an issue with Agenda Download format for unnumbered sections
  • The Groups page will now refresh to accurately show that when a user is removed from the organization, the user will no longer show up in any Groups they were a member of
  • User Profile images are now correctly centered in the User thumbnail picture
  • Users will be able to Download Books with Annotations 
  • Background on Meeting Roller (when there are no upcoming meetings) will now be white, to match OnBoard Branding
  • iOS Users will receive an error message if a link can not be opened
  • Removed Users will no longer show up in an Organization's Login Engagement Reports
  • Android Users will no longer navigate away from Messenger, when clicking on the outside of a message flyout
  • The soft keyboard for Android users will now properly be dismissed when clicking outside of the flyout
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly typing a new message in Messenger created multiple new messages
  • Approval comments will update without the need to refresh
  • Engagement reports now provide full data when created
  • Push Notifications will correctly display information for Comments in Approvals
  • Android Users will be able to view Resources linked on Dashboard
  • Android Users will be able to view Messenger Icon in a User's profile, in all areas

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