OnBoard Release: 2.11 - November 2nd, 2019

Aaron Jozwiak
Aaron Jozwiak
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On November 2nd, 2019, Passageways will be releasing it's latest update.  This update brings some enhancements to Meetings, a new Analytics tool, improvements to OnBoard email notifications, and security & maintenance updates.



New Features

  • Engagement Analytics
    • OnBoard now includes Engagement Analytics with every meeting, available to all members of a meeting.  Please visit our guide.
    • Engagement Analytics provide insight into when meeting attendees interact with the board materials and which agenda sections receive the most activity.
    • This is feature is included in the Global package for OnBoard.  For information on how to add the Global Package to your organization, please contact your CSM.
  • Additional Meeting Details
    • Two new fields have been added to the Remote Meeting Info panel in Meeting Details: Meeting ID and Secretary
    • Meeting ID is for Organizations that want add additional record keeping to their meetings (i.e. Planning Meeting 1, Planning Meeting 2)
    • Secretary allows to record when there is a secretary at the meeting
      • The field is auto-complete (if the Secretary is a member of the OnBoard organization) or free-form (if the Secretary is not a member of the OnBoard organization)



  • OnBoard Email Notifications have a new, streamlined appearance.  


General Updates

  • Users removed from an Organization will no longer have their signature block removed from eSignatures they have signed
  • The Sign In Button is enabled and will no longer show the messages "An email address is required; A password is required"
  • Exporting the User List will no longer create duplicate entries
  • Highlighter and Pen Annotation tool will be turned off when "Hide Annotations" is set
  • Long Remote Meeting Details will no longer run off screen
  • Remote Meeting Links (with no physical location) will no longer be proceeded by a semicolon on the Meetings Panel on Dashboards
  • Conversations inside Messenger can no longer be started with out a User or Group Selected
  • When starting a Conversation in Messenger, clicking on the middle space for Users or Groups will now select the User or Group
  • Users will no longer receive Blank pages when following the link in a eSignature Notification email.
  • Meeting Visibility selection in IE11 will be on the same line
  • Readers of a meeting can share Annotation with Contributors
  • HTML can no longer be used in Messenger Conversations
  • Archived Meetings will no longer be able to have changes to the composition of the meeting
  • Cleaned up emails notifications to remove incorrect formatting

iOS Updates

  • Opening a Conversation will scroll the end of all current messages, after fetching all new messages 
  • Non-link message bubbles will no longer have underlines applied
  • Attendee Detail flyout will remain after viewing Attendee's Image - iOS 13 specific
  • Meeting Detail page will show in full for meetings with no agenda  - iOS 13 specific
  • Alert Dialog on login screen will remain, after failing to enter the correct PIN 3 times  - iOS 13 specific

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