OnBoard Release 2.8, July 20th, 2019

Aaron Jozwiak
Aaron Jozwiak
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Passageways is releasing version 2.8 to our customers on July 20th, 2019 starting around 10:30 pm Eastern.  


This release updates how permissions are displayed and provides a new way to assign permissions, an easy way to invite users to your organization, and an update that improves our Approval Experience.

For a full walk-through of our update, please watch our video covering all the new features.


New Features and Improvements.

  • New Permissions Panel - We have improved how admins assign permissions in OnBoard, with a fly out panel that makes it easier to assign permissions to users and groups
    • Permissions Source Details - Admins will be able to see where users have received their permissions from in the updated Assign Permissions panel, whether by individual permission or from any group(s).  Admins that are not a member of a group will see the permission listed as "Private Group
  • Easy Invitation of new users - When Meeting permissions, Organization Admins can now invite new users to their Organization through the Meeting Permissions Panel.  This is not a replacement of the current new user invitation method.
  • New Document Viewer UI - Passageways has updated the tools used to view documents in our application.   They have a new look and have moved to the top of the page.   
    • IE 11 users will experience longer load times to view documents with this new UI.   We recommend using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox
  • Improved Approval Experience - We have added a number of enhancements
    • Voting buttons are now the same color (no more red, green, and blue)
    • Text will be displayed under the current voter from the Voter
    • Voters can see their own voting history for the current Approval 
    • All Participants will be able to see on the Approvals list which have passed, failed, or been tabled
  • Compose/Edit Agenda Improvements
    • Clicking on an Agenda section will open up the section details panel
      • It will also change the background of the section to a light blue
    • Hovering over the title of a section will change the text to blue, indicating a clickable hyperlink. 


  • Name changes made in Internet Explorer 11 will show the correct name after changes are made
  • Temporary Passwords will no longer include a space when copied
  • Agenda compose icons are now vertically centered in IE 11
  • Visibility Status is properly aligned in IE 11
  • Meeting Details up/down arrow selectors will now highlight the corresponding agenda section 
  • The CSV Import window will now display the entire error message, if an admin encounters an error during CSV Import.
  • Table of Contents page numbers will no longer be offset by one
  • Annotations will now be fully removed from the annotation list when the annotation is deleted.
  • IE 11 will no longer display documents with long names as ...
  • Announcements will now show the date they are Published as the Publish date
  • Uploading a doc to an Agenda section will no longer cause the flyout for that section to fly out
  • Adding a Presenter to an Agenda section will no longer appear to carry the name over when navigating to the next section
  • Changed the wording for when a user changes their OnBoard ID
  • Fixed broken resource links in Trials
  • Images will no longer cause an error when attempting to download
  • Agenda section documents will no longer persist when navigating to a new section with the up/down arrows in Compose Agenda Edit View
  • Titles for Resource Links can now be edited
  • Agenda will no longer shift left when navigating to a specific document in IE 11
  • Users with an apostrophe will be able to be properly added to organizations
  • Finalized Approval comments will now support line breaks

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