OnBoard 2.6.6. Release, May 4th, 2019

Aaron Jozwiak
Aaron Jozwiak
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Passageways is pleased to announce our May Release (OnBoard version 2.6.6), coming this Saturday, May 4th, 2019.


This release sees new features designed to make creating meetings more straightforward and faster than ever.  We've updated several aspects of the user experience to make your board work more natural. We also turned our attention to bringing dozens of new capabilities to our web and mobile experience.


Please view our Overview Video to see all of our updates with this release.


New Features and Improvements.


For All OnBoard Packages:

  • New Remote Meeting Details - Meeting administrators and meeting attendees now have a clear location for adding and accessing remote meeting details.  Administrators can add Zoom, WebEx, and other web conferencing tools to make it easy for remote meeting attendees to join meetings virtually.

  • Unnumbered Agenda Sections - Lunch, a much-needed break, and other tasks can now be included in the agenda without impacting numbering or being included in the board book.

  • A Better Way to Compose Your Agenda - We've improved every aspect of agenda creation, including the import agenda process.  Hyperlinks automatically populate, sections are simpler to inspect, and it's more intuitive than ever to reorder the agenda.  Agenda composers will now see exactly the same view as their board members.
    • Hyperlinks in Section Details - We've included the ability to add Hyperlinks to Section Details, enabling directors to quickly navigate to relevant websites in meetings.  This feature is limited to the Web and iOS App for this release, with the Android and Windows Apps to receive this feature in a future release.
  • Improved Section Details - Users now have quick access to agenda section details from a convenient sidebar, providing better visibility to the agenda and creating a clear location for all the agenda section details. 

  • Notification Improvements - We are empowering users to take greater control over OnBoard's notifications - allowing users to decide if they want to send a notification when uploading files to the resource library.


iOS Updates:

The iOS app is receiving a significant update that makes working with OnBoard on iPhones and iPads more intuitive and responsive to the user's immediate needs.

  • Board Book Auto-Resume - Now when users return to the board book, they will be taken to the last page that they were viewing when they exited the app.

  • Live Annotation Syncing - Annotations will now sync live and automatically across devices, making annotations more useful when multiple users are collaborating on a shared annotation or a user needs to quickly switch between devices.
  • Auto-Download of Board Books - The iOS app will now automatically download a user's next three and previous three board books - making board book access instantaneous while significantly improving the off-line experience.

  • Search Actions - Search for any action type (Approvals, Surveys, and eSignatures) by title on your iPhone or iPad.


Fixes included in this Release:

  • Survey questions will now display line breaks
  • Deleting a question in Surveys will now update the question numbers correctly
  • Corrected typos in notification emails
  • Meeting titles over 149 characters will no longer cause errors
  • When RSVP'ing to a meeting where the Agenda is hidden, adding the RSVP to an Outlook calendar will no longer display the agenda in the details of the calendar event
  • User status in the Directory no longer has long delays in showing the correct status for users
  • The iOS wifi-disconnect dialog criteria sensitivity has been reduced, correcting an error where the app would state the user is disconnected (when in fact they were not)
  • An error where UTC Standard Time was not recognized as a valid time zone has been fixed
  • Engagement reports will now generate reports for Global Admins
  • Copying a Meeting will no longer cause Group permissions to be changed.  (Previously, copying a meeting caused any Group set as Reader to be Excluded in the new copy)
  • OnBoard now supports Firefox ESR

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