OnBoard 2.6.4 Release Notes - January 5, 2019

Alex Hamilton
Alex Hamilton
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Passageways is releasing OnBoard 2.6.4 on January 5th, with a series of new Features and Updates to OnBoard. For an overview, please watch our release video here.


Updates For All OnBoard Packages:

  • New User Invitation Enhancements: Within the directory tab, when an administrator adds a new user to their organization, a new option is available to automatically email invited members. When selected, OnBoard will send an email to your new user including their user ID and a temporary password.
  • Export Users List to CSV: Within the directory tab, users can now export a CSV file of their complete user list. The exported CSV includes information like their users' contact information, permission level, and the groups each member is included in within OnBoard.
  • New RSVP Action "Attending Remotely": When RSVPing to a meeting, OnBoard users now have the option to select their intention to attend the meeting remotely.
  • Improved Time Out Functionality: Currently, if OnBoard detects a user logged in through the Web App is inactive, it begins a process that automatically signs the user out of the system. With this release, we've included new conditions to detect when individuals are still using OnBoard and extended the default period before the user is prompted to sign out. The result is a more reliable system of detecting whether a user is still working within OnBoard.
  • Archived Meeting Status: Within OnBoard's past meetings tab, archived meetings now include a symbol indicating their status as archived.  

Please note that OnBoard Connect for Office is once again available. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused. 


Feature Enhancements

  • Global Admins now have options to manage group member permissions.
  • Administrators can have the CSV import prompt if they want the system to send the users passwords to their email automatically.
  • Administrators can have the reset password dialog notify them to have the system send the new passwords to the users automatically.
  • Changed region names on trial account creation page.
  • Changed titles of Agenda numbering config selector.
  • Added ability to copy descriptions to Surveys.
  • Supports Safe Area on new iPad Pros.
  • Set temporary password expiration to 7 days.

Bug Fixes

  • Office Connector will now upload documents when you save them, if you have the setting enabled. However, you must first manually upload the document. After the first upload it will auto-upload when you save.
  • All engagement reports will now return data when generated.
  • Users with an apostrophe in their email will be able to correctly be logged in.
  • Some PDF with annotations weren't displaying correctly in the resource center, but they were in the Book Viewer. PDF's are now properly flattened to display everything correctly in the Resource center.
  • Sample Survey is fully functional and can be copied without issue.
  • Spelling and space errors in the auto-generated invite email for newly created/ added users
  • When admins log out of the Directory, when they log back in the directory will correctly display member's appropriate password status instead of defaulting to "active".
  • iOS 12 - Annotation options are now displayed properly for annotations being used
  • iOS iPhone - Fixed a graphical issue with tab bar buttons displaying incorrectly.
  • When shared annotations are disabled for the org, but allowed for select members, members who have the feature disabled won't get notifications when an annotation is shared with them.
  • App User - Can click on the menu item of the page user is currently on. Previously, this would return a blank screen.
  • App User - Ability to save meeting to calendar is optional, and does not affect RSVP status.
  • Multiple Organization Users - Resolved a critical bug in org selection view
  • Fixed a graphical issue with tab bar buttons displaying incorrectly.


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