OnBoard 2.6.1. August 27th release

Aaron Jozwiak
Aaron Jozwiak
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On August 24th, Passageways is releasing a series of improvements and fixes.  


RSVP Status Toggling

  • Within a meeting's settings, organizations may now disable the RSVP status from displaying to readers.  Administrators will continue to see RSVP status regardless.


Web Improvements

  • Onboard will now automatically Fit to Width for all documents, when using our Web Application.


iOS Improvments

  • The meeting roller now displays meetings for the day or in the future.   All past meetings and archived meetings are now listed in the Past Meetings Roller.
  • Meeting Search (By Date, Title, Location)
  • Agenda Search (By Title, Document name, Description)
  • Improved Menu design
  • Hot Keys to use with Navigation, when you have an attached keyboard
  • Clickable links (and address, email, phone numbers)
  • Improved ADA voiceovers


UWP/Android Improvments

  • Improved Org Selection Screen


OnBoard Bug Fixes

  • Creating an eSignature through the Resource center will now create an eSignature
  • Can now copy a meeting with a blank location field
  • Agenda subsections now display descriptions when the Agenda is downloaded
  • Viewing an Approval document on a mobile device browser will no longer return a 404 error
  • Books will no longer fail a rebuild when deleting all documents from the books
  • User names will now remain if they share an annotation and then are deleted from the org
  • Resources are displayed in alphabetical order when in the pop up for moving Resources
  • Assigned Admins can now create copies of the meeting they've been assigned Admin permissions of
  • When creating an eSignature through the agenda (through the link action), it will now redirect you to the eSignature creation view
  • Global Admins can now edit permissions to eSignatures.


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