OnBoard Release Notes - June 7, 2024

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Customer Education
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On June 7, 2024 we released updates to OnBoard that added maintenance and security updates as well as some changes. 


The following fixes were deployed with this release: 


  • Fixed an issue where downloaded assessment results were missing some respondents' answers. 

Skills Tracking

  • Fixed an issue where "Please Update Your Skills" button was not visible in email notifications on Outlook for Mac.

Zoom Integration

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to access a Zoom meeting with the "Join in OnBoard" option caused a "Something went wrong" error. 

Meeting Minutes

  • Fixed an issue where section descriptions in meeting minutes did not appear when viewing on the OnBoard mobile and tablet applications. 

Remote Meetings

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to delete a configured remote meeting caused an error. 

Teams Integration

  • Fixed an issue where Teams accounts were unable to be connected or viewed within a meeting. 


  • Fixed an issue where messages where missing when a message thread exceeded 100 messages. 


  • Fixed an issue where finalized approvals with voters that had been removed from the Directory received "An error occurred exporting the results of the approval" message when attempting to download the approval results. 


The following changes were deployed with this release: 

Intelligent Assistant

  • Added a chevron icon to the in-chat suggested actions bar to highlight that the suggested actions are scrollable.

Locale Date/Time

  • Updated time stamp eSignatures to display users' preferred locale date/time settings in product and on the downloaded document. 
  • Updated Table of Contents to display meeting date and time based on ISO 8601 standard. 

Agenda Collaboration

  • Added icon to provide Reviewers visibility on how many other Reviewers have access to the comment and/or reply. 
  • Added the text "Post will be visible to (number of) Reviewers" to provide Reviewers visibility on how many other Reviewers have access to the comment and/or reply. 
  • Added option to give meeting Reader Reviewers early access to meeting documents during the agenda collaboration process.

RSVP Export

  • Updated RSVP Report and RSVP Response exports to have the same download name, "<meeting_name>_RSVP," and the same file type, .xlsx.


  • Updated the save button in the agenda editor from "Save & Finish" to "Save Changes."
  • Updated agenda editing so that saving changes does not hide agenda composition buttons.
  • Updated "Last Update" date and time to update when the "Save Changes" button is selected. 
  • Updated agenda section numbering to be right aligned with agenda section titles.

Meeting Visibility

  • Updated Meeting Visibility titles to the following:
    • "Meeting Details" changed to " Meeting Details Visible"
    • "Details & Agenda" changed to "Meeting Details & Agenda Visible"
    • "All Visible" changed to "All Visible: Agenda & Book"

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