OnBoard Release Notes - May 17, 2024

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Customer Education
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On May 17, 2024 we released updates to OnBoard that added maintenance and security updates as well as some changes. 


The following fixes were deployed with this release: 

Roles & Terms

  • Fixed an issue where data on the exported Roles & Terms spreadsheet did not match the Roles & Terms data in OnBoard.

Meetings - Meeting Book

  • Fixed an issue where bookmarks in the downloaded Meeting Book did not link to the correct page in the Meeting Book. 


  • Fixed an issue where messages and message threads were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where threads with 100 or more messages would only display the 100 most recent messages. 

Intelligent Assistant

  • Updated the Intelligent Assistant to provide information on accessing OnBoard's Help Center for queries on how to utilize OnBoard features.
  • Updated the Intelligent Assistant so it was available to Organization Members and Creators. 


The following changes were deployed with this release: 


  • Removed Outline option for Resource documents as this functionality is not currently supported by OnBoard.

Agenda Collaboration

  • All Reviewers are now selected by default when selecting Reminder Reviewers.
  • Added ability to Delete All Comments & Clear Reviewers. 

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