OnBoard Release - May 10, 2024

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Customer Education
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On May 10, 2024 we released updates to OnBoard that added maintenance and security updates as well as some changes. 


The following fixes were deployed with this release: 


  • Fixed an issue where extra characters were appearing on the completed eSignature document when viewed in a web browser. 


  • Removed the Delete option from the Bulk Actions dropdown for Resource Readers. The Delete option was available even though using the Delete option would not result in a successful deletion of the file or folder. 

Organization Details

  • Added Washington DC to State or Jurisdiction of Incorporation within Organization Profile.

Agenda Collaboration

  • Fixed an issue where Meeting Admins could not exclude a Reader of a meeting without removing their Reviewer permission first. 
  • Fixed an issue where meeting non-Admin Reviewers did not have access to the meeting on the Meeting List when the meeting was unpublished. 


  • Fixed an issue where indented bullets in the agenda section description were not formatted correctly in the agenda view.

New Feature

The following new features were deployed with this release: 

Intelligent Assistant

  • The Intelligent Assistant is powered by Microsoft's Azure AI Service within OnBoard's secure environment on both web and OnBoard's iOS phone and tablet apps. It can summarize documents, draft emails, and provide insights about your organization.


The following changes were deployed with this release: 

Intelligent Assistant

  • Added Feature Setting to disable or enable the Intelligent Assistant for an organization.

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