OnBoard Release - December 11, 2023

Customer Education
Customer Education
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On December 11, 2023 we released updates to OnBoard that added maintenance and security updates as well as some changes.


The following fixes were deployed with this release: 


  • Fixed an issue where duplicated Questionnaires were not carrying over pre-filled answers from original Questionnaire. 

Zoom Integration

  • Fixed an issue where using the minimize caret on the integrated Zoom window did not provide options to re-enlarge or end the Zoom call. 


  • Fixed an issue where Messenger conversation threads were no longer visible. 


  • Fixed an issue where attempting to log in with SSO brought users back to the OnBoard sign in page and they were unable to sign in with SSO. 


The following changes were deployed with this release: 


  • Added error message that occurs when attempting to upload a profile image that is at or over the maximum file size of 20MB. 


  • Updated the following verbiage in General Settings:
    • Document Downloads
      • Changed "Allows members to download meeting documents and resources." to "Allows members to download meeting, resource and messenger documents."
      • Changed "Restrict Downloads to PDF" to "Restrict Meeting Documents to PDF Only"
    • Meeting Document Watermarking
      • Changed "Document Watermarking" to "Meeting Document Watermarking"


  • Removed download icon on messenger documents when document downloads are disabled in the organization's General Settings.

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