OnBoard Release v3.10.112.00 - July 13, 2023

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Customer Education
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On July 13, 2023 we released an update to OnBoard that added maintenance and security updates to the platform, as well as some changes.


The following changes were deployed with this release: 

Microsoft 365 Integration for Document Editing

  • New Feature - Edited Document Publishing
    • Provide controls to automatically or manually publish edits to Microsoft documents.
    • When set to manually publish, Admins and Contributors of Meeting and Resource documents can control when their drafted edits are available to Readers.


The following fixes were deployed with this release: 


  • Fixed an issue where renaming a document in an agenda item was causing errors.
  • Fixed an issue where downloading a document from an agenda item saved the file with the incorrect file extension.


  • Fixed an issue where the Back button in Resources redirected to the incorrect page.

Microsoft 365 Integration for Document Editing

  • Disabled the Save to PDF and Printing options globally in Microsoft 365, so that users can only download documents using OnBoard's download functionality. 


  • Fixed an issue where downloads could only be enabled if an Admin disabled and then re-enabled Document Downloads in Organization Settings.

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