OnBoard Mobile Release v2.32.00– June 29, 2023

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Customer Education
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On June 29, 2023 we released an update to OnBoard that added maintenance and security updates to the iOS and Android Apps, as well as some changes.


The following changes were deployed with this release: 

Microsoft Teams Integration (IOS & Android)

  • Meetings configured with the the Microsoft Teams Integration can now use the Join Teams button to launch their remote meeting. 

Zoom Integration (IOS & Android)

  • Upon selecting the Join Zoom button, now allow users to choose to open Zoom within the OnBoard application (Join in OnBoard) or open the native version of Zoom externally (Join via Zoom).

Remote Meeting Details (IOS & Android)

  • Redesigned Remote Meeting Details flyout by creating clearly distinguished sections for the link, password, remote meeting ID, phone number (Zoom only), and additional details.
  • Added contextual menu options for the meeting link, password, remote meeting ID, and phone number (Zoom only).

New User Invitation Workflow (IOS & Android)

  • For users that have downloaded the OnBoard mobile or tablet application, they can now complete the account activation process within the OnBoard app on their device.
  • Updated the new user account activation process to verify a user's email address.

Date and Time Formatting (Android)

  • Updated date and time formatting for Android apps to show the date and time in OnBoard based on the region's format when the locale is detected.

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