OnBoard 2.5 Release: December 13, 2017

Meredith Pettet
Meredith Pettet
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The OnBoard 2.5 update will be available on Wednesday December 13, 2017. As always, you can choose when to update OnBoard to best meet your organization's needs. 

You can find the OnBoard update for the Windows, Android, Kindle Fire, iPhone, and iPad Apps in their respective app stores. 

In This Release

Upgrades For All Packages:

  • Table of Contents. Administrators can now instantly generate a table of contents, listing the content and page number for each section of the agenda on the front page of the board book.
  • Enhanced Agenda Formatting. You can now choose your agenda formatting! Administrators may now organize and label their agendas using the current MLA Format (I, II, A, B, etc.) or U.K. Format (1, 2, 3, etc.). 
  • Bulk Resource Upload. Administrators can now upload multiple documents to their resource center at a time.

Upgrades For Enterprise Edition:

  • Enforced Multi-Factor Security. With this release, we've added the option for administrators to enforce Two-Factor Authentication and/or Touch ID/Face ID/PIN before directors gain secure access to their board materials. 

OnBoard 2.5 Overview Video


  • Improved performance for book builds
  • Announcements can now be deleted
  • Page numbers will be included on the TOC for the appropriate agenda sections
  • Approval discussions formatting will no longer display incorrectly if there are long comments
  • Users who have not accepted invitations will not receive notifications from the organization
  • Users will be able to contribute to a section when they are a reader of a meeting & contributor to a section(s)
  • Bookmarks will populate upon book download. Note, this will require a book rebuild.
  • Profiles in the UWP (Windows) app will now display "State or Province"
  • Agenda numbering fixes when editing the agenda items
  • Downloaded survey results will display in the same order as the survey lists


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