OnBoard Release 2.3 August 5, 2017

Aaron Jozwiak
Aaron Jozwiak
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Release Date: 08/05/2017


OnBoard 2.3 will be released Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 10:00pm ET. From deploying releases whenever's best for your organization to a fully customizable home dashboard, there's no shortage of advances in this release.

You can find the update for the OnBoard Windows, Android, Kindle Fire, iPhone, and iPad Apps in their respective app stores. Your apps will continue to function until you update your Organization.  After an Organization updates, the apps will need to be updated for continued functionality.



  • Customer Scheduled Updates. Scheduled Release offers administrators the choice of how and when they deploy new OnBoard releases across their organization. A groundbreaking enhancement for cloud solutions, Scheduled Release removes any concern that deploying the latest OnBoard features and capabilities will interrupt your vital board work.  This feature is availlable through  See how it works
  • Dynamic Time Zones. Organizations can now select the time zone that they call home. All notifications sent and all eSignatures written will contain the time zone designated by the organization. All other times, including meetings, will reflect the individual's local time zone.
  • Calendar Improvements. You will now have the ability to RSVP from your Mobile App, and store the meeting reminder in your Mobile App's device calendar.
  • Notification Bundling. To reduce information overload for already busy directors and administrators, OnBoard will now bundle several messages together which occur over a short period of time and send them as a single notification.
  • eSignature Enhancements. We are streamlining workflows to make it simple to conduct approvals with eSignatures, providing organizations a way to gather signatures during the vote, rather than after the meeting.  Organizations will also be able to import documents to be signed from Resources, as well as export Closed eSignature documents into Resources.  This enhancement is available to customers who have the eSignature feature.  If you do not have the eSignature feature, please contact your CSM for more information.
  • Security Reporting. Security has always been at the heart of OnBoard's engineering. Part of that security is ensuring those logging into OnBoard are exclusively those in your organization. Now, customers with the Super Administrator feature will have access to: Usage Logging with complete Date/Time stamps, IP Address (IPv4/IPv6), and Device and Application Data.  To learn how to utilize this feature, please read this article.   This feature is available to all customers who have the Super Administrator Feature.  If you do not have the Super Administrator feature, please contact your CSM for more information.
  • Dashboards. The Dashboard is the personalized homepage for every organization. Directors will now have a single place to access their most pertinent materials. Quickly examine upcoming meetings, instant one-touch access to supplementary materials and announcements.  This is a new feature to OnBoard, and we recommend you contact your CSM for information on how to utilize this feature in your organization.
  • Announcements. Announcements will now allow you the option to include Hyperlinks and Images.


  • Existing OnBoard accounts with Two Factor Authorization enabled will be able to accept invitations to new OnBoard organizations without turning off Two Factor Authorization.
  • Agenda's scheduled after 7 pm Eastern Time will show the correct date when downloaded and no longer roll over to the next day.

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