OnBoard 2.2.5 Release: June 24, 2017

Meredith Pettet
Meredith Pettet
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Release Date: 6/24/2017

OnBoard 2.2.5 will be released Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 10:00pm ET. This release brings a series of enhancements to OnBoard, including the release of two-factor authentication to every platform. 

You can find the update for the OnBoard Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad Apps in their respective app stores. Updating the app is not required for continued functionality, but we always recommend updating to the latest version. 


  • Two-Factor Authentication
    • App updates will be needed to take advantage of this release
    • When enabled (it will not be enabled for users by default, and it is their choice to enable this), two-factor authentication ensures your OnBoard account can only be accessed by verifying your identity using a second method, separate from your password. To access your account you will need to provide two pieces of information—your password and a six-digit verification code that’s delivered as a text message or sent to your email. It’s your choice which method you leverage if you enable this security setting. Find out more.
      • Two-Factor Authentication will not be enforced, but will be available via email or SMS to all through their profile. Very simply, if you have a mobile number indicated, you will be able to get SMS notifications for 2FA, otherwise, the second authentication factor will be sent via email to the email address used for login.
  • Performance Improvements
  • Time zones will now dynamically display your meeting time based on your location and time zone set on your devices. 


  • Web
    • Administrators adding a document to Action will no longer add them to the voting statistics
    • When administering eSignatures, when Remind All Outstanding is clicked, only those left to sign are alerted
    • Support email was updated to help@passageways.com when receiving an error page
    • Excluding users removes them from attendee list or counts
    • Sections without documents that have bookmarks will no longer go to next top level section, they will go to the subsection
    • Dragging and dropping sections in Chrome should no longer result in items stuck "Uploading"
  • Outlook add-in
    • Opening an Approval Document link will no longer throw a server error



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