Testing the Member View

Jenni Washington

Testing and getting early feedback from a few key stakeholders is recommended.

The best way to test currently, is to create a test user in your directory, usually done with a personal email account. Start by making the account a Member in the directory and then treat that test user as a persona you want to test by adding it as a Member in any groups you want to be able to test with.

Then, when you give that group access to a meeting or a resource folder and log in under the test account, you will be seeing the same view just as that board director, committee member, or staff member persona would see. If a meeting is Unpublished, you won’t see it as a Reader of the meeting, and if you don’t have access to a folder within Resources, it doesn’t appear, and so on. This is a great way to check that permissions are set correctly on all content across the portal before you go live since you see everything as the Admin of the object regardless of permissions and visibility.

We recommend you install and explore our mobile apps for smart phones and tablets. Keep in mind that full administrator functionality is only available via the Web. You’ll still see everything, but you won’t be able to access the create/edit functions with the exception of creating annotations, messages and tasks as those are end-user capabilities. There are some places on the app where the icons are a little different – the most evident being when you are in “Open Book” of a meeting as you don’t need as many tools to navigate and some of the menu items are at the bottom instead of a the top of the screen.



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