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Tracy Girardi

How do I give someone access to use skills tracking?  I want them to have admin privileges for skills tracking only.  




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    Only organization Admins can administrate Skills Tracking.

    The administrative functions of Skills Tracking are:

    • Adding the skills to your organization's skill bank
    • Assigning skills to users and rating those skills
    • Exporting skills matrix and skills chart reporting

    Keep in mind that each member can update their skills and add apply additional skills in their profile.

    You can set any member of your organization as a Viewer of Skills Tracking by Managing Viewers.

    Viewers can view the skills for other members in the Skills Tracking tab or in other users' profiles.

    If you need another member to temporarily add skills to your Skill Bank, assign these skills to members, and export reporting, we suggest temporarily giving them organization Admins privileges and then changing their Admin permission to Creator or Member once they've completed their work.

    You can also access our Skills Tracking Article and Video for more information. 

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    Tracy Girardi

    That's unfortunate.  I don't want these two employees to have organizational access.  Honestly, giving them organization access temporarily isn't the best solution.

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    Customer Education

    This is understandable.

    If you have any suggestions on how you'd like to see Skills Tracking or any other features in OnBoard improved, you can submit a Feature Request Support Ticket to let our support and engineering teams know the details around the suggestions. 


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