September 2022: Keep your Board Effective & Unified with OnBoard Meeting Minutes Builder

Dylan Caraker
Meeting Minutes are the foundation to productive and effective board meetings. They provide crucial oversight and documentation functions, such as protecting against liability, evidencing decisions, and clearly identifying action items and next steps. In this way, Meeting Minutes keep your board organized, informed, and unified.
Join Karen Griffin, Head of Customer and Product Marketing, and Andrew Sompels, Customer Education Manager, as they showcase the impact and potential of the OnBoard Meeting Minutes Builder.
  • How a Meeting Minutes solution designed for executives, directors, and administrators maximizes your board’s effectiveness
  • How OnBoard’s Meeting Minutes Builder can be tailored to reflect the needs, culture, and style of your organization and board
  • Meeting Minutes best practices that Karen and Andrew have gained from working with hundreds of OnBoard customers
  • Exciting new OnBoard Meeting Minutes Builder features

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