June 2022: Customizing Dashboards - The Matrix of Meetings

Dylan Caraker
  • Edited
OnBoard’s Dashboard is a versatile capability you can use as your board's homepage. It's where you can post important information to be shared, reminders, and news about your organization.
In this webinar, Jillian Walker shares some practical tips on how to set up and manage your dashboard to drive board engagement. With the OnBoard Dashboard, you can create a customized homepage for your members that gives quick access to pertinent and timely materials. It can also become the springboard for keeping your members engaged with industry news and other important announcements. In this webinar, Jillian Walker will share:
  • Practical tips for setting up your dashboard
  • Advice on how to manage your dashboard
  • Special insight on how to effectively customize your dashboard
In this recording, you’ll not only learn about this exceptional tool but also get to see it in action.

Watch the recording here!



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