February 2022: Simplifying the Board and Committee Process with OnBoard

Karen Griffin

Struggling to juggle the notes, minutes, approvals, and more of your board and its supplemental committees?

Join us to learn how other organizations use OnBoard to manage different boards, committees, and groups – all at the same time. Organizations who adopted OnBoard at the committee level in addition to their board achieve an ROI 2x higher than organizations who use it for their board alone.

OnBoard can be your one-stop-shop for every report, approval, and decision that helps inform the board from their supplemental committees, helping you forge a holistic governance strategy.

Watch this session to learn how you can:

  • Improve your productivity by streamlining your process and consolidating systems from boards and their committees into one platform
  • Reduce the cost of paying and tracking expenses for multiple software tools while creating uniformity in your different processes
  • Level up your governance processes to encourage fast, effective, and reliable results

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