February 2021 OnBoard Webinar: Best Practices for Remote Meetings + Client Perspectives

Jillian Walker
  • Edited

This month Customer Success Managers, Tracie Muhammad and Jillian Walker gave a refresh on remote meetings. Focusing on fighting remote meeting fatigue and reviewing new board dynamics, they also shared client insights and tips learned over the past 10 months!

Leveraging your OnBoard tools is a great way stay connected and productive while remote:

  • Zoom Integrations
  • Announcements
  • Messenger
  • Analytics
  • Tasks
  • Meeting Briefs
  • Actions (and highlighting that a lot of you are taking advantage of this feature!)

We even shared an exciting sneak peak for an upcoming feature - but you'll need to watch the recording to see!

View the Webinar Recording

View the Webinar Presentation

We would love to hear how YOU have found success while going remote.

Have an idea to share? Talk to your CSM or send it to obpros@passageways.com.




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