July 2020 OnBoard Webinar: Intentionally Creating Your Best Board​

Jillian Walker
  • Edited

Is your Board engaged and committed to your organization’s goals or mission?

In this webinar you will learn tips on how to create your best board from Customer Success Manager, Emily Reynolds, and Implementation Manager, Joe Bauer, as they give creative ideas for Recruitment, Training and Retention.

We all know a strong board starts with Recruitment. Have you evaluated your current board to know your needs? Here is an example matrix:

While you may rely on your Board Members for recruitment, Emily gave great examples of where to look outside your network:

  • Local Chambers of Commerce
  • Community Leaders
  • Clients or Customers
  • Professional, Trade or Fraternal Associations
  • Local Colleges & Universities
  • MBA & Executive Leadership Programs
  • Services like theBoardlist.com 

In Training and Retention, they discuss creative ways to utilize the OnBoard platform for deeper engagement. Including do you survey your members after each meeting?

  • How did the meeting go?
  • What important topics were not discussed?
  • How can the next meeting improve?

During the webinar, we used live polling to understand how you are onboarding new members and managing term limits. If you would be willing to share your practices with our product team, please reach out to your CSM or send it to obpros@passageways.com.

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