May 2020 OnBoard Webinar: Customer Feedback A Critical Ingredient in the Recipe for New Product Features

Jenni Washington
  • Edited

Your ideas are an important part of our process for creating our road map!

In this webinar, hear directly from our VP of Product and VP of Engineering. A lot goes into our Product Planning Framework. Your requests are received and categorized so that they can be compared against planning inputs like market opportunity & demands, industry innovation, and company strategy. Prioritization and a filtering process influence our road map which is continuously being refined.

Here's a fun visual to help explain:

View the Webinar Recording

During the webinar, we used live polling to gauge feedback on what you would like us to work on next, and shared items in-progress, including the now released OnBoard Tasks, and our work on accessibility & modernization.

Have an idea to share? Talk to your CSM or send it to



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