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Jenni Washington

We provide a few options for uploading and attaching documents to an agenda in Meetings.

The quickest is when you are on the Meeting Details page, you can simply drag a file from it’s saved location (your desktop, a network drive) and drop it directly on top of the agenda section it corresponds with. After it uploads, a blue page icon will appear on the section to indicate a file is linked.

You can also click on the “Edit Details” button to the right of the agenda section title and a fly-out panel will appear. There is a placeholder called “Section Documents” where you can also drag and drop the file(s). If you prefer, you can instead click "upload files" to navigate to where the file is saved on your computer and attach it. To pull in a file already saved in your Resources, choose the "Add Document" button.

You can also upload documents and other items to the Resource library. Here again, there is support for you to drag and drop multiple documents at once into the folder (you must be clicked inside the folder). You can also use the “Add” button in the top right while inside a folder, and select the type of item you wish to upload or add.

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    Customer Education
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    The OnBoard Meetings app does not support administrative functionality. To add documents to meetings, resources, or actions, you will need to utilize the OnBoard web application. 

    You can access those features on a phone or tablet by accessing OnBoard on the web browser via the https://app.onboardemeetings.com link. 

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    Angela Neilan

    Hello! How do you upload documents via the app? I am in a folder and do not see an option to upload files or photos to that folder.

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    Christopher Moore

    Can you move a document from one section to another (ideally that'd be a drag/drop option)?  And can you replace a document? 

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    Customer Education

    Documents cannot be uploaded directly into a meeting agenda section or resource folder via the OnBoard phone or tablet app. Managing Resources and Meetings are considered Administrative functions and can only be managed on a web browser.

    If you need to upload documents on a phone or tablet, you can do so by accessing OnBoard on the web browser via https://app.onboardmeetings.com.

    There are some areas within the app that do allow for document uploads - Tasks and Messenger. Since these features are available for OnBoard Members, Contributors, and Admins, documents can be uploaded there. So, if you need to quickly upload a document for someone to review, you can assign them a Task and include the document or send them a Message with the document via the app. 

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    Customer Education

    Documents cannot be moved from one agenda section to another. We're always accepting ideas on how we can improve our platform. If you'd like to submit this as a feature request you can do so via this feature request link.

    You can re-order the documents within a section by selecting the Edit Details button of the section, navigating to the Section Documents area, and dragging and dropping the documents in the correct order. 

    Documents can also be edited or replaced.

    If you have the Microsoft 365 Integration enabled, you can click on the 3-dotted menu to the right of a document and select the option to edit the document within Microsoft. 

    To replace a document, select the 3-dotted menu to the right of a document. Delete it and then add the new version of the document by dragging and dropping it to the agenda section or using the various upload options within the Edit Details/Section Documents area. 

    The benefit of editing with Microsoft 365 vs. replacing the document is that any annotations made on the document will be retained with editing with Microsoft 365. 


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