June Coffee Break: Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plans in OnBoard

Jenni Washington
  • Edited

On June 20, 2019 we were joined by members of the Lansing, MI - based LAFCU to have them share how they are utilizing OnBoard for not only their meetings, but also for their Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Our LAFCU guests, Ryan and Jason, admitted not much had changed since the plan was initially created and distributed as binders and realized that in the event they needed to activate their plan, having quick access to a digital version would be advantageous.

Interestingly, OnBoard was not the first place they looked to support their transition from paper to electronic, but they quickly recognized that the ease-of-use and features of OnBoard met their needs, and as a result, they did not have to purchase a separate product. LAFCU was quickly able to incorporate their plan right into the Calendar of OnBoard using the agenda and drag-and-drop functionality, as well as take advantage of the automatic table of contents generator. LAFCU can give their examiners access directly to the BCP in OnBoard and if changes are needed, it is simple to swap out a document to make sure the updated version is available immediately to everyone, even offline!

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