What agenda build activities kickoff the book build process?

Jenni Washington
  • Edited

Here are the items that will trigger the book to rebuild:

  1. Adding documents
  2. Removing documents
  3. Updating the page number selection in Settings
  4. Enabling or disabling the Table of Contents (TOC) in Settings
  5. Adding agenda sections/subsections
  6. Removing agenda sections/subsections
  7. Changing the indent on existing sections/subsections

Here are the changes that will not trigger the book to rebuild:

  1. Changing a section title
  2. Adding an agenda description
  3. Adding an agenda presenter
  4. Linking an action to an agenda section (not available in the Core only package)

Pro Tip: To ensure that all changes appear in your final "Open Book" view, updating your page number selection in the Settings link on the Meeting Details page is the quickest way to trigger the book to rebuild.



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