Formatting CSV Template for Bulk Import of Users Pinned

Jenni Washington
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  • Do not add or delete columns from the template. The only required fields are First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.
  • Currently, the available salutations are Dr., Mrs., Mr., and Ms. Anything else entered will not work.
  • Unfortunately, entering commas in the field will cause the file to not import correctly. You may use a semicolon.
  • Leave the Groups field/column empty unless you exactly match to the name of a Group you have created in OnBoard. Then, to add someone to multiple groups you separate each group name by a pipe character ("|").
  • Pictures are added manually to profiles.
  • Additional profile information such as Degree/Graduation Year, Spouse Name, Secondary Address, etc. will currently need to be added to the Bio field.
  • There is a way to include an assistant's name and email address or an alternate email address for your member within their profile after the CSV upload. There is an Alternative Notification Addresses field in each member's profile directory where you can add these details so that copies of notifications also get sent to these email addresses.
  • Keep in mind that with the exception of the alternate notification address, the directory profiles are visible to all users in your member directory unless you modify the visibility settings found within the main organization Settings.



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