Group Training Session with follow on "white-glove" service

Daniel Rugg

Many of our Board members were uncomfortable with the idea of having to learn the software let alone how to use an iPad!  Our old process of distributing legal size 4-ring binders chock-full of paper reports had lulled them into a routine they hardly wanted to give up.  But we began announcing the proposed transition well in advance and determined that running a duel process (paper and digital) for a couple of meetings would help ease the adoption.

Here are a few aspects we found helpful during the rollout:

  • Hosted a group training session with the Board members in which each of them used an iPad that was already signed in under a previously activated "training" account.  This way the focus was on being in the OnBoard solution and how to use the interface. 
  • We used a large screen TV to display the trainer's iPad via AppleTV.
  • Training was limited to 30 minutes for the basics only.  Enough to get started and not too much to overwhelm!
  • After the board meeting we were able to offer individualized attention to setup the iPads using their personal credentials and walk them through OnBoard Account Activation and Sign-In.
  • Enabling Touch-ID or Security PIN made their future access to the OnBoard App easier.
  • Providing a stylus/pen was a nice touch to help them interact more precisely on the screen than having to use their fingers.

Hopefully these ideas can give you something to consider in rolling out the solution and helping your board members adopt the benefits of technology!


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    Jenni Washington

    Thank you for sharing these ideas, Daniel! Had the Board participated in a demo or watched the short video to introduce them to OnBoard prior to the training session? If not, do you think that would have been beneficial?


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