Customizing the Display Order of Resource Folders with Naming Conventions

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As an Administrator, you may want to customize the order in which the folders in your Resource library are displayed. 

By default, OnBoard orders the folders alphabetically. To control the order that Resource folders appear, Admins can use a double-digit numbering naming convention in their folder titles. 

For the folder you'd like to have start on the top of your Resource library, begin the title with "01." The next folder's title will start with "02." Continue through "09." After "09" use "10" and then continue the numbering in order. If input correctly, your Resource library will appear similar to the image below.

To add new folders to the top of the list use a symbol, such as an asterisk, to ensure the new folder stays at the top of the Resource library folder list. 

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that members will only see folders they are permissioned to. So, if a member is not set as a Reader or Admin of a folder, the folder will not appear in their Resource library and the numbering could appear inconsistent for that member. 



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