Create a Custom Agenda Style

Customer Education

OnBoard allows you to choose between three pre-set agenda styles with different numbering and ordering. Selecting one of these options will apply this agenda style to all the meetings in your organization. 

However, your organization may have an agenda style format that differs from these three options. If so, you can work with OnBoard to create a custom agenda style for your organization. 

To create a custom agenda style, contact your OnBoard CSM or email the CSM Team with the following information:

  • Organization Name:
  • Numbering/Lettering Style:
    • Primary Section:
      • Subsection 1:
        • Subsection 2:
          • Subsection 3:
  • Specify if any sections should include parent numbering (Example: 1.b vs b):

Note: Available options for sections: Numbers, Lower Case Roman Numerals, Upper Case Roman Numerals, Lower Case Letters, Upper Case Letters.

Note: Bullet points and unnumbered sections are not available for custom agenda styles. 

Once your custom agenda style has been applied, it will appear as a fourth option under Agenda Style in Feature Settings. 



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