Creating and Utilizing an Admin Group

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If you have multiple Admins managing meetings in OnBoard, creating and utilizing an Admin Group can be useful. 

Creating an Admin Group gives you and your fellow portal Admins administrative access to all meetings you are separately creating. 

Utilizing an Admin Group can also be helpful when new Admins are added to your organization, so that they can quickly have access to all the Resource documents, Actions, and Meetings that have been created.

Follow the steps below to see how to create and utilize the Admin Group. 

Create the Admin Group

Create an Admin Group in your Groups. 

Then add anyone to the group who should have Admin access to the Meetings and Resources you'll be creating in OnBoard.

Note: You can set their Group permissions as either Admin or Member. The only benefit of being an Admin of an Admin Group is that you can manage the membership of the Group.

Add the Admin Group to Relevant Meetings, Resources, and Actions

Going forward, you can give all other Admins administrative permission to Meetings, Resources, and Actions by adding the Admin Group and changing the permission of the Group to Admin.

This will make it so that every member of the Group is an Admin. 

Managing Permissions for Future Admins

When new Admins are added to you organization, add the new Admins as Members of the Admin Group. 

The new Admins will immediately have Administrative access to all past, current, and upcoming Meetings, Resources, and Actions that the Admin Group has been permissioned to. 



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