Adding Historical Roles & Terms Data for Past Members

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Many organizations have historical Roles & Terms data for Members, Directors, and Trustees that are no longer with their organization. 

It is possible to enter this historical Roles & Terms data in OnBoard by taking the steps below.

  1. Add Past Members to the Directory without sending an invitation

    To enter Roles & Terms data for any member, they'll need to be added to the Directory. However, they do not need to have an active account.

    If you're adding historical data for past members that do not need access to your organization, we recommend first adding them to the Directory with the "Add Members" option.

    Enter the past members' first name, last name, and email. Prior to adding, uncheck the "Send invite email to all new members" checkbox. This will add your members without sending an invitation. When done, select Add to add the members to your directory.

  2. Add the Past Members to their Groups

    Once the members are added to your Directory, you'll need to add them to the appropriate Groups prior to logging their Roles and Terms.

    In the Groups tab, select the three-dotted menu on a Group panel and select Manage Group Members.

    Select the circle next to the names of the past members you'd like to add to the Group. And select Save.

  3. Add the Past Members' Roles & Terms Data

    Once the past members have been added to the appropriate Groups their Roles & Terms data can be entered.

    Select the Roles & Terms tab and navigate to the Roles & Terms Table. We recommend using "Add By Member," so you can add the Roles & Terms data for each member across all the Groups you've added them to.

  4. Delete the Past Members from the Directory

    After you've added all Roles & Terms data  for your past members, you'll want to remove the past members from your Directory, so they do not count towards your subscriber count.

    NOTE: Once past members are removed from the Directory, you cannot edit their Roles & Terms data. The Roles & Terms data can only be deleted once the member is removed. 

    In the Directory, select the three-dotted menu to the right of the member's name, and select the Delete option to remove the member. 

Once complete, the historical data for your past members will be logged in Roles & Terms, and the past members will not be listed in your Directory. 



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