Editing RSVP Options

Ron Schultz

When RSVP-ing to meeting invitations, the "I'm Attending Remotely" always shows as an option for board members - even when there is not remote access available.  Is there a way to remove the "I'm Attending Remotely" selection from the list of four options in the RSVP dropdown?




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    Customer Education
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    Thank you for your inquiry. The ability to customize the RSVP options and/or remove the "Attending Remotely" option is not currently available in OnBoard. 

    If you have not yet submitted a feature request for this, I've submitted one on your behalf. 

    If you'd like to make any suggestions for product enhancements similar to this in the future, you can submit a feature request ticket via this link.

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    Melissa Douglas

    I have this same question. We'd like to be able to hide the Remote RSVP option for meetings that aren't virtual.

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    Ann Lehman

    We need the same - to be able to remove the Remote RSVP option. We need it for some committee meetings but our full board meetings are in-person only. Having the virtual attendance option is confusing for our trustees.



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