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Jules Szabo

Hi, how and where do you go to set the meeting and agenda-level permissions on all meetings?


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    Jenni Washington
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    Hello Jules,

    First, l would like to take a moment and make sure that the meeting's permissions are understood and set properly.

    The user who creates the meeting becomes the meeting Admin by default. If another person is an organization-level Admin or even a Creator but they did not create the meeting, they will first need to be explicitly made an Admin of the meeting to set meeting and agenda-level permissions.

    • The meeting admin will see a "Manage Invitees" button on the Meeting Details page. Selecting this will open a side panel to then give permissions to the meeting by Group (recommended) and or by individual Member.

    • All agenda sections will inherit the meeting-level permissions. If you do need to modify the permission of an individual agenda item, that is done by selecting "Edit Details" on the agenda item and then "Permission Section Members".

    If future meetings will have the same permissions, you will save time by utilizing the "Duplicate" option which created a copy of the meeting and carries forward the permissions, agenda structure without any documents, as well as any settings selected on the meeting that was duplicated (page number, table of content, download, and other meeting-level settings). To make a copy of a meeting, start on the main Meetings page with the list of all meetings and then select the three (3) dots to access a menu where you will find the "Duplicate" option.

    For more tips, please refer to these help article:

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