September 2023: Intelligent Assistant Product Update & Fall Webinars

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OnBoard Intelligent Assistant

Have you heard the latest news?

Introducing OnBoard Intelligent Assistant - an AI innovation tailored for board professionals. It's a helpful and intuitive virtual assistant that understands your questions and provides valuable insights from your board and governance information.

Our exclusive beta program began in early August to fine-tune these remarkable capabilities, and we're thrilled with the progress. We're gearing up for a wider release later this year. Stay tuned for updates as we explore how Intelligent Assistant can elevate your board governance experience.

OnBoard Product Updates

We want to tell you about our recent product updates! 

Diversity Reporting - Exporting is now Available! 

Not only can you view your diversity data, but you can also now export the information! We've created this new feature as a way to easily view, track and report your board group's demographic stats. Select the diversity details you'd like to export and then choose the format you'd like to download. We've provided an image, PDF, Excel or Nasdaq Matrix formatting option. 

Diversity Reporting - Exporting is available for customers who have the Diversity Reporting feature. Accessible on the Web application only.

Annotations Management - Phase 1: 

We're thrilled to announce this new feature that will improve timeliness and organization throughout your experience in the OnBoard platform. When viewing an annotated document, you'll now get a pop-up notification at the top of your screen telling you if an edit has been made since your last view and if your annotations inside could be affected. Annotations Management - Phase 1 gives you more transparency and timely updates when working with your documents.

Available for those who have the Microsoft 365 Integration for Document Editing. Web application only. Mobile app access coming soon.


We enjoyed seeing you throughout our Summer 'Lunch Break' webinar series! We talked about best practices of using Minutes Builder, organizing the Resource Library, customizing the Dashboard, and conducting Assessments and Questionnaires. 

Our webinars are always a great opportunity to learn from and engage with the OnBoard team. If you missed our recent series, please reach out to your CSM for the recordings!

As we head into Fall, we have 2 upcoming opportunities not to be missed. See below and secure your seat today!

Preparing For Your Annual Cycle

Simply put, you probably have a lot to do. This is why OnBoard has several features designed to streamline these processes, and, hopefully alleviate your workload. Come learn the functionality and best practices of questionnaires, assessments and skills tracking! 


The Ideal Board Meeting

The ideal board meeting is one that is productive, engaging, and efficient. But how do you achieve that? It all starts with the work that you do before the meeting. Join us as we discuss the essential steps involved in preparing for an ideal board meeting.




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