Assisting New Users with Activating Their Account

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Your first OnBoard meeting is an important one. It's your initial opportunity to showcase OnBoard, and is can be a critical piece in gaining long-term success with OnBoard. Because of that, it is helpful to have all of your users activate their OnBoard account prior to your first meeting.

Leading up to your first OnBoard meeting, we recommend starting a few meetings with a reminder of how to access OnBoard:

By computer:

By Table or Smartphone: Search for “OnBoard Meetings” in the IOS or Android app store.

In your Directory, anyone with a red or yellow status has not logged in for the first time yet. 


Many times this is because they didn’t notice the OnBoard invitation or it went to their spam folder. You can resend it to them by clicking the 3 dots to the right of their name and selecting "Resend Invitation."

In addition, we recommend following up with a group or individual email prompting the users to look for the email to log in and set their password for the first time.  

Below is an email template you can send to all of your users in the Directory who are not Active (green) yet. 


Thanks for your service to the <<Organization>> board! You are not yet an active user in our new board software, OnBoard. To become active, you will need to log in for the first time.  

I have just re-sent the invitation to do so. Please click the link to accept the invitation and create a password. If you don’t see the email, it’s likely in your spam folder or outside of your main focused email inbox. If you’re still unable to locate it, reference the help information below. 

Please let me know if you need assistance. 

Advanced Email Troubleshooting: 

Put and on your email “safe” list. Emails come from these addresses, so this will ensure you get further messages. If you still do not see it, it could be caught in a firewall from your organization. For further OnBoard email notification firewall troubleshooting, see the articles below: 



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